Pavel Fuks

​My mission in the course of my lifetime is to create something bigger than just a profitable business project.

Throughout my career I have managed dozens of commercially-viable enterprises, founded a major development company from scratch, developed a large bank and implemented many other business projects.


Pavel Fuks (Russian Павел Фукс) is Ukranian and Russian businessman. Founder, owner and Chairman of the Board of MCG company. Member of the Supervisory Board of the Holocaust Memorial Center “Babiy Yar”. According to the Ukrainian magazine Focus 2017 millionaire list, his net worth is US$ 270 million, wich makes him 24th richest person in Ukraine.

Mass media

The idea of creating the monumental international project of the «Babi Yar» Memorial Holocaust center (BYHMC) has already united many people despite their personal interests, political views, religion, social roles and statuses.